Centurylink coverage in USA caused the silicon valley revolution. Almost all the gigantic IT enterprises use Centurylink services. It provides DSL internet services to 48 million people. It is the 4th largest DSL provider in U.S. Century link coverage is across 36 states. It is the 18th largest fiber optic provider and provides fiber optics to 18 million people. But there are still many people out there who do not have Centurylink they should be given that. SO that they can get in accordance with the rest of the world . With the increase in cyber related crimes and online thefts of users data Centurylink launched a cyber-security blog during national cyber awareness campaign. It will provide the users with the tools and techniques to secure their data from cyber theft. It’s new security block will provide the users with insight to security threats and how to deal with them in order to secure their data. This way users can avoid phishing, can safely transfer money online, will be secure form data theft and privacy infringements.

NSCAM was created in order to resolve these issues with the help of the government and other private institutions who provide internet availability to people across the country. For 9 years Centurylink has been considered one of the best by the users across the united states. Whole sale buyers have ranked Centurylink internet at the top because of its availably and companies cooperation in spreading the internet availability. Microsoft announced that their Microsoft office 360, which is cloud enabled, will be available with century link’s voice and data bundles without any surcharge or fee.

Century link has successfully transformed itself from a traditional telecommunication provider to an advanced cloud computing based one. With services rang so diverse that it includes a layman user and a multinational enterprise having branches in 3 continents. Now users can choose form small business or enterprise versions of  Microsoft office 360. Outlook and exchange online services are also included with  security, control and features. All the software product that are provided along have automatic update system. Centurylink coverage around the country is beneficial for small and large businesses as it provides different versions of Microsoft office 360 them.