When we talk about Centurylink then there is so much to say. Centurylink Coverage across the world is increasing and there is hope for the people because this could take the cloud computing age to its next level.  The company has exploiting this field and creating new opportunities for the developers. Enterprises are shifting towards centralization of data using cloud computing and that has triggered a new term called Big Data. This is happening all because of Centurylink Coverage. The internet availability in the big cities has pushed cloud storage to its level because people now a day are uploading data in gigabytes a day. Managing and analyzing this data is triggering new fields to come into existence and hence new jobs for the people. Internet availability in the neighborhoods of the suburban areas has caused crimes to go down by many folds because of the new entertainment ways that it showed to them. People are now focusing their energies for a positive world.

The inspirational stories of the people who made it big are motivating young people to follow their path. The wars are reducing with the awareness that internet availability has caused in the public. Now protest on the internet and petitioned singed online with a single click are pressuring governments to take decisions according to the will of people. Social networking websites are implementing new psychological ways on the internet to check how the human behavior works under certain kind of influences.  Because of these experiments the turn out in the elections increased because people were motivated by posts that there friend shared online about the importance of vote and their role. Internet availability is now becoming the flag bearer of democracy in the world. With internet comes freedom of speech and democracy advocates freedom of speech.

Countries that are not democratic often resorts to banning social media websites and other  forums where people share their views. Currently the protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese government have caused a huge amount of selfie upload from a single location on Instagram. Breaking all other previous records. Hong Kong is fighting for democracy and the only tool they have to tell the world about their issues is the internet availability. All other ways are snatched from them to express their views . Years later if they ever write the story of the greatest invention of 21st century .They will surely give all the credit to the internet. No other invention is greater than internet and internet availability is the greatest gift humans have given to each other.